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CREMATORY enters studio - Back to the roots!

CREMATORY entered the Kohlekeller-Studios in September, to record their new studio album “Monument”, which will be released through Steamhammer/SPV, for their 25th band-anniversary, in Spring of 2016. You can be thrilled for what to expect, after the more modern and electronical chart album “Antiserum”!

On the musical side it´s going to be harder and darker, back to the roots! CREMATORY are well known for not making any headway, but going a step further with each album. With their new effort “Monument”, CREMATORY are taking four steps back, but at the same time, one step forward. They bethought the good old Gothic-Metal days in combination with the new established twin-guitar attack and their well known talent for composing catchy tunes with keyboards and samples.

On the lyrical hand, there will be the usual mix from german and english lyrics. Singer Felix went beyond himself on his vocal duties and the clean vocals will be handled by one of the new guitarists. This vocal co-operation will create a stir, as such a mix has never been heard in the scene or on any CREMATORY album!

Believe in you and especially in CREMATORY!

CREMATORY found new guitarists!

After 17 years with CREMATORY, guitar player Matze decided to leave the band in early 2015, to concentrate on his private life and to explore new musical horizons.

The successors are confirmed now, and it´s quite amazing, because for the first time ever, CREMATORY will play with two guitarists from now on.

On one hand they found Tosse Basler, who´s in the music-business for over 30 years and played in bands like Poison Asp, Forty Shades, Scapegoat, Avalanche or Evolution, who´s handling the rhythm guitar and the clean vocals. On the other hand, Rolf Munkes, who also has over 30 years of experience in the business, joined the band as their new lead guitarist. Rolf is also operating as a producer in his Empire Studios, were he worked with such acts as Majesty, Tony Martin (Ex Black Sabbath), Neil Murray (Ex Whitesnake & Ex Gary Moore), Don Airey (Deep Purple) or Doogie White (Michael Schenker).

More guitars means more Metal! CREMATORY will hit the Kohlekeller Studio again, in September, to record their new album with producer Kristian Bonifer. And this album will cause some great surprises in Spring 2016, which also marks the band´s 25th anniversary! CREMATORY will play several festivals in the Summer then!

Believe in you and especially in CREMATORY!

CREMATORY release new live video,

the band take off 2015 and will return in 2016!

CREMATORY will take a break from all their live-activities in 2015, to focus a 100% on the new album and it´s recording. All planed shows for 2015 had to be postponed to 2016, as in addition two of the band-members are realigning in business-matters.

But CREMATORY won´t laze around, they started writing new songs in January and will enter the studio from the mid of May till the end of June for the new album, which will be released early 2016 right in time for their 25th anniversary. The successor of the high-flying Chart-Album “Antiserum” will include some surprises and will leave the fans more than happy!

CREMATORY just released their third video from the latest album “Antiserum”: “Virus”! It was recorded at the legendary Wacken Open Air in 2014!

You can see the video here:

To span their live inactivity this year, the band decided to release the whole Wacken show as a DVD, including private backstage footage, detailed interviews, footage from their rehearsal room and the three videoclips from “Antiserum”!

19.06.2015 The yet untitled DVD will be released through SPV/Steamhammer on the 17th of June in Scandinavia, 19th of June in Germany, 22nd of June in Europe, the USA release date will be announced soon.

Believe in you and especially in CREMATORY!

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