kk15_01CREMATORY entered the Kohlekeller-Studios in September, to record their new studio album “Monument”, which will be released through Steamhammer/SPV, for their 25th band-anniversary, in Spring of 2016. You can be thrilled for what to expect, after the more modern and electronical chart album “Antiserum”!

On the musical side it´s going to be harder and darker, back to the roots! CREMATORY are well known for not making any headway, but going a step further with each album. With their new effort “Monument”, CREMATORY are taking four steps back, but at the same time, one step forward. They bethought the good old Gothic-Metal days in combination with the new established twin-guitar attack and their well known talent for composing catchy tunes with keyboards and samples.

On the lyrical hand, there will be the usual mix from german and english lyrics. Singer Felix went beyond himself on his vocal duties and the clean vocals will be handled by one of the new guitarists. This vocal co-operation will create a stir, as such a mix has never been heard in the scene or on any CREMATORY album!

Believe in you and especially in CREMATORY!


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